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The extended opening hours with a wide selection of stations ensure the best availability for our clients. The friendly staff is always within your reach to ensure the best customer experience and cleanest environment. At Sun Depot Tanning, we maintain updated on our knowledge to answer all your tanning questions.


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Lay Down Station
Stand Up Station
Single Session
50 minutes
50 expiring minutes
$27.50(9 days)
100 minutes
100 expiring minutes
$25(10 days)
$45(18 days)
150 minutes
200 minutes
200 expiring minutes
$45(20 days)
300 minutes
1 Week Unlimited Pass
1 Month Unlimited Pass *
2 Months Unlimited Pass *

*All Monthly Packages Expires a day after its duration. The service is provided exclusively to the pass holder.

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Sun Depot FAQ

How old do I have to be to tan ?

  • Under Alberta regulations , you must be at least 18 to tan.

What's are some benefits of tanning?

  • Exposure to sunlight has been linked to improved energy, elevated mood, and preventing skin infections.
  • Getting a base tan can act as the body's natural protection against sunburn.
  • UVB in tanning beds induces the skin to synthesize vitamin D3. Lower vitamin D levels have been associated with increased risk for several types of cancer , heart disease, and bone disease.

How often should I tan?

  • Depending on the individual goals. 3 tanning sessions a week until a tan is developed, then 1 to 2 sessions a week to maintain the tan.

How long should I tan for ?

  • Time in a tanning bed depends on each individual skin type.
  • Everybody is different , every salon is different. It's best to come into the salon and get a professional consultation from one of our staff.

What's the importance of using a quality tanning lotion?

  • Dry skin reflects UV light . Lotion helps absorb the light to achieve quicker results.
  • Formulated to work with the UV rays to increase melanin production.
  • Replaces depleted moisture and nutrients that you lose during the tanning process.
  • Most have vitamins and antioxidents that prevents collagen breakdown that causes aging of the skin.

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